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Features of OrionX

OrionX is a solution built and used by Orionfinity to quickly build applications that work across all platforms.

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Select a platform to see our demo application in action and how the same application works across different platforms.
OrionX Identity & Security
OrionX ensures secure data access and granular control over what users are authorized to do in your apps.

Data Security

Protects the transmission and retrieval of your data.

Permissions and Roles

Permission and Role Based Access Control (RBAC) gives you control over what users can do.
OrionX Themes
Customize your applications with beautiful themes to fit your brand via full control over the colour scheme.

Applications give the users the option to match their system theme preference or set light/dark mode explicitly.
OrionX Expenses app mockup on iPhone - dark modeOrionX Expenses app mockup on iPhone - light mode
OrionX Expenses app mockup on macOS - dark modeOrionX Expenses app mockup on macOS - light mode

OrionX UI Components

30+ beautiful bootstrap UI components developed by Orionfinity on the popular Blazor platform and fully integrated into the OrionX platform to speed up UI development.
OrionX Component library - the selection of components we provide
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Bootstrap logo
OrionX components love OrionX Multi-Platform image
OrionX Expenses app mockup on iPhone - dark mode
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Let us help you take your new or existing product to the next level

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Orionfinity provide a range of packages, support and documentation to developers and businesses who want to leverage the OrionX platform.
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